Flash support

Full advantage of flash

Intelligent use of cache through flash storage compatibility is one of Compuverde's great advantanges in the solution. 

Flash picto


Not only is the stability of your storage setup extremely important. As more and more, bigger and bigger data execution is taking place in your data center, performance and redundancy is quickly becoming the one key area if your storage initiative is to deliver on expectations.

By using a solution from Compuverde, you take full advantage of systems with built-in cache, improving the performance levels of your setup significantly. The cache is in a setup based on Compuverde at all times synchronized with the storage layer. And in order to further increase redundancy, Compuverde is also allowing for efficient synchronization horizontally between caches.

And for situations requiring extreme performance, Compuverde is also fully utilizing all-flash systems. This means that regardless of the task, your setup will day in and day out deliver blistering output.

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