Start small and grow beyond today’s needs

With a solution from Compuverde, customers can start small and have the ability to rapidly add multiple virtual machines to the same cluster, eliminating the cost and hassle of building new clusters in order to accommodate scale-out.

  • Start as small as four nodes
  • Add any number of nodes
  • Continue to scale to several hundreds of nodes
  • Linear scaling – increasing both capacity and performance

Symmetric architecture

By using a decentralized and symmetric architecture all storage nodes share the same functionality and responsibilities. No special purpose nodes or central nodes are needed which greatly simplify deployment and maintenance and remove any potential bottlenecks or single points of failure. The symmetric architecture also enables easy scalability simply by adding more storage nodes.

Linear scalability

Because the storage cluster is built on a symmetric architecture, linear scaling up to hundreds of Peta bytes and billions of files is achieved simply by adding more storage nodes to the cluster. Adding storage nodes and increasing capacity can be carried out during runtime and does not interrupt any ongoing operations in the cluster.

Linear -scaling


Scaling up by adding more storage nodes provides a linear increase in average performance in the cluster. Because all the nodes in the cluster share the work of creating lost data, the time for recreating data from lost nodes is dramatically shortened. The more storage nodes in the cluster, the less time it takes to complete the task.




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