Hyperconverged storage


Hyperconverged is about turning standard industry servers into a single pool of compute and storage resources, effectively creating a single, cost-effective and scalable resource pool. Hyperconvergence takes all benefits of server virtualization and extends them for both compute and storage.

  • Run hypervisor and VMs in same server as storage (hyperconverged)
  • Flash support
  • Fast live migration
  • Redundancy and availability
  • Single name space for all VMs

Scale -out -virualization Using Compuverde's hyperconverged storage means, no need for external storage solutions for sharing files between VMs.


Hypervisor compatibility

Compuverde hyperconverged storage is compatible with VMware, KVM, Hyper-V and Xen. Read more about Compuverde's hypervisor support 

Scale -out -virualization -hypervisors


Whether you're a service provider, are in the telecommunications industry or run a private data center, you can forget all about boot storms and similar storage issues – with a hyperconverged storage solution from Compuverde, load is distributed evenly to all storage nodes instead of just the one entry point. And with that, all access problems are eliminated while improving speed at the same time, furthermore making the most of systems with integrated cache, delivering extreme IOPS load. And through full horizontal synchronization, the highest possible availability is achieved.

As a parallel load is spread out over all nodes in the hyperconverged storage cluster, your storage setup is made much more scalable and data is put much closer to the CPU and virtual machines, delivering both low latency and extremely high IOPS. Deploying virtual machines on many gateways allows full scale-out virtual environments and instant live migration in your VMware, KVM or Hyper-V environment.

The film shows how Compuverde's hyperconverged storage works.


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Best Practice Hyperconverged

PDF Hyperconverged: Best practice for deploying one unified, scale-out, software-defined storage solution in a virtualized environment.

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